School Education Plan Results 2015-2018

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School Education Plan 


Home of the Lakers!

Lamont School was first opened May 1, 1902.  Throughout the past, there have been numerous changes and additions.  Currently, Lamont High School is home to approximately 300 students from grades 7 - 12.  Students, staff and parents work together to provide a positive environment where students can excel.  We welcome all feedback.

School Colours - Royal Blue and White

School Mascot - The Laker Shark

School Teams - The Lakers

Motto - Education Begins With You!

School Mission - In an environment of mutual respect, Lamont High School's mission is to encourage individuals to maximize their potential and to prepare them for change and life long learning.

Vision Statement - Lamont High School is a school where students, staff, parents and community members are treated with respect and dignity and where students can learn in a positive and caring environment that has adequate support from all concerned.

Meet the Staff

Mr. Amit Mali – Principal

Mr. Curtis Starko – Assistant Principal


Mrs. Penny Smith – Counsellor


Mrs. Cindy Gruber – Secretary

Mrs. Candace Lyles – Finance


Mrs. Angela Wendorff – Librarian

Mrs. Danielle Dressler – Family Support Liaison


Mrs. Erin Bartz - LINKS

Mr. Jason Booker – Language Arts/FNMI

Mr. Blair Charlton – Social Studies

Mr. Bryan Dussault – Science/Math

Mrs. Katie Fossum – ELA/Drama/Leadership/Physical Education/Health

Mrs. Andrea Gavinchuk – Cosmetology/Art/Success Coach

Mr. Barry Hanke – Math/Construction and Fabrication

Mr. Allan Hope – Math

Mr. Cory Kokotailo – PE/Athletic Director

Mr. Jeff Laslo – Jr. High Social Studies/Work Experience/Recreational Fitness

Mr. Wayde Putnam – Sciences

Ms. Asha Ram – Sciences

Mrs. Pamela Stockley – Food Studies

Mr. Sean Tonge – Language Arts/Film Studies/Books to Movies

Mr. Stephen Wyman – Language Arts


Mrs. Cindy Bacon - Education Assistant

Mrs. Bev Fuller - Education Assistant

Mrs. Shelley Kuzio - Education Assistant

Ms. Rebecca Nice - Education Assistant

Mrs. Katie Perepeletza - Education Assistant

Mrs. Arlie Riendeau – Education Assistant

Mrs. Lori Schumack - Education Assistant

Mrs. Roxanne Tatarin - Education Assistant


Mr. Eric Wooden - Ranch Learning Centre

Ms. Karissa Sydor - Ranch Learning Centre

Mr. Jon Campbell - Ranch Learning Centre