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If you want to be informed and help shape the future of our school  this is the way. 

The Parent Advisory Council is informed and/or consulted on all aspects of the Educational and extra-curricular programming for Lamont high School and have monthly updates from the our school board representative as well as the Town of Lamont. 

The Lamont High School Foundation raises and distributes money to support the school programming and enhance the education of our students.  These meetings are run by Parents and need volunteers.  It is always informative, sometimes challenging but always fun to be involved in our children’s educational experience through attending and supporting the Parent Council and Foundation meetings.

Join an enthusiastic group of parents who all share the same goal... to help make Lamont High School the best place it can be for our students and community.  Become involved! All meetings will be held virtually, at 5:30. 

Meeting Dates:

November 16 2020, January 18 2021, March 15 2021, May 17 2021


Parent Council Bylaws 2017

Foundation Bylaws 2016


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