Library - The library at Lamont High School is operated as a joint venture between the school and the town of Lamont. The library is totally computerized, and offers students a large variety of learning and research materials in many different choices.  There are also several desktop computers available in the library for student use.

Counseling - The school has a part-time counselor who provides academic and career counseling to students.

Study Hall- Operated at noon hour by staff, students can obtain help with their homework in addition to providing another quiet place within the school to work.

Technology - Lamont High has one wired computer lab with 32 desktops.  In addition, there are two fully populated wireless labs which can be moved from classroom to classroom. Every instructional space features an overhead projector and a SMART board.  Students are encouraged to bring their own personal laptop and take advantage of the wireless network.

Career Corner - Students have access to a wide variety of career related material on a daily basis to help them select the career that best suits them.

Video Conferencing - Lamont High School offers video conferencing to our students and community. Video Conferencing gives Lamont High School another way to deliver education and enrich learning experiences.  

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