Grad 2022

Welcome Graduates of 2022 and Parents/Guardians!

Please use this website and check your emails to find relevant information for our Grad Class (it will be updated as soon as new information is available).

All Grad plans are subject to change due to the COVID-19 restrictions of the time.


Dates: June 2022

Location: Lamont High School - Gymnasium


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the members of our Graduation Committee: 

- Ms. Ram, Teacher Coordinator (

- Mrs. Marks, Counselor (

- Mrs. Gruber, Registrar (

- Mrs. Noppers, Business Manager (

- Mr. Sonnenberg, Assistant Principal (

- Mr. Cruickshank, Principal ( 


Virtual Post-Secondary Fair (Sept 21 - 29)

Virtual Post-Secondary Fair (Sept 21 - 29, 2021).

Please open the attachment to check it out for the schedule and registration information.

You will have an opportunity to “visit” various post-secondary institutions and ask questions.

Be sure to register if you are interested.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Marks (


Document: Virtual Post Secondary Fair Information

Grad Meeting

The first Grad Meeting date is yet to be determined (likely the end of September or beginning of October).

Please listen to the announcements and check this page for updated information once a date has been set.

Media Consent Form

ALL Graduates must have a signed Media Consent form returned to the office by Friday December 3, 2021.

The Consent form allows for your Graduation picture to be included in items such as:

- Grad Composite

- Grad Class pictures

- print media (ex. Lamont Leader, highway lawn signs, etc)

- online media (ex. School website, live streaming of ceremonies, etc)

Form: Media Consent Form

Complete and return to the Office or email to

Baby Pictures

Each Graduate is required to submit a Baby Picture (digital copy is preferred).

Please email your picture to Ms. Ram (

DEADLINE:  Friday December 3rd, 2021

Grad Wear

Students can order Grad Wear from the Lamont High School Gear website .

Website has NOT been updated for 2022 yet ... please stay tuned!


When selecting a Design for an item, scroll all the way down through the images to the Grad designs.

Grad Fees

Graduates are required to pay a $100 Grad fee (it has now been added to your school accounts) in order to fully participate in the Graduation Ceremonies. 

This fee is only payable after all other school fees have been paid in full.


The Grad fee includes the following estimated costs:

- souvenir cap, gown, and stole for the graduate

- large school composite and a personal mini copy of the composite

- a copy of handshake/tassel photo 

- a certificate portfolio

- personal highway sign

- recorded speeches

- decorations


If you have any questions about your school financial account or payment of graduation fees, please contact Mrs. Noppers (



Grad 2021 - Unclaimed Items

If you did not collect your Grad Lawn Sign or any other Graduation Items - please call the school and arrange to pick it up. Unclaimed items will be disposed of in December 2021.

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

Mrs. Doerksen has received lots of excellent questions about the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship recently. Here are a few FAQs:

  1. Do I need to apply for this now? Is there a deadline?
    1. Students do not apply until after their grade 12 marks are finalized. Usually the site opens for applications on August 1. There are no deadlines. Students need to wait until they have completed any upgrading that they are planning on doing and until they have confirmed registration for post-secondary. Students who are taking a “gap year” should wait to apply until they are ready to start their post-secondary journey.


  1. I missed getting a high enough average in grade 10 and/or 11 by a small amount. Is there anything I can do?
    1. Averages for determining whether a student qualifies are not based on the year that the student takes the course. Any course with a course number in the 1000s will count for grade 10, 2000s for grade 11 and 3000s for grade 12. If a student missed the qualification level for a particular grade they could look at taking an option course now. Getting a high mark in that course will improve their average for that previous grade and could allow them to qualify for the scholarship.
  1. I know other people got higher marks than me. How can I compete with them?
    1. The Alexander Rutherford Scholarship is not competitive. Anyone who meets the criteria and applies automatically gets the money.
  1. If I am unsure if I qualified how can I find out?
    1. If students would like to check to see if they qualified for their grade 10 and grade 11 years they can ask their grade administrator. There is no harm in applying, even if not sure. Student Aid will do the calculations and send the check to the student if they qualify.  


Here is a link to the website where you can find detailed information about this very beneficial program: