Available Scholarships

Peter Elzinga Family Foundation Scholarship

Applications for the 2020 Peter Elzinga Family Foundation Scholarship are now open. Students who plan to attend a post-secondary institution in fall 2020 are eligible to apply to be awarded up to $2,000 towards their education. Those who demonstrate financial need will be give higher priority. Full details can be found on the Peter Elzinga Family Foundation website. The deadline to apply is June 1.



Scholarship season is fully underway. There is currently 7.5 Million Dollars worth of scholarships that are open for applications on! Once students complete their profile they will be matched to all of the awards that they qualify for. 

We know now is when students start to plan for next year financially. So we wanted to remind you that there is a downloadable budget template available to everyone at the bottom of

Please access All of our Summer Scholarships and see what financial assistance could be available. Summer Scholarship List.


Alexander Rutherford High School Achievement Scholarship

The Morehead Cain scholarship is a fully funded (tuition + room and board) four-year scholarship to one of the top universities in the world. The scholarship is available to Canadian students.  . The deadline is October 31


Schulich Leader Scholarship

 A Schulich Leader Nominee represents the top STEM student in your graduating class and in turn becomes eligible to win an $80,000 or $60,000 scholarship.

This student exemplifies at least two of the following criteria: academic excellence, leadership and financial need. Lamont High can nominate one student for application.


TD Scholarships

Funding and Travel Opportunities for Students

The program offers students two scholarships:

Scholarships will be awarded to registered apprentices in the year they graduate from high school. These new scholarships will triple the capacity of the apprenticeship scholarship program, rewarding more high school students who have completed the required courses.

Apprentices no longer need apply for these scholarships. Apprenticeship and Industry Training has implemented a fully automated procedure, eliminating the need for paper applications and manual processing.

In order to be eligible, Registered Apprenticeship Program or Career and Technology Studies students should log into their MyTradesecrets account (MTS) and ensure that they have provided consent to be considered for a scholarship. To check consent, students can click on the Applications tab to provide or update their consent and their SIN. If they have more than one active application, click on Details in the right‑hand column to update information.


Leaders in Equality Award of Distinction (LEAD) Program

The new Leaders in Equality Award of Distinction (LEAD) Program from the provincial government provides scholarship funding in two streams to support students who are working to reduce gender discrimination in their communities or who are studying in fields where their gender is traditionally under-represented.

  • The Women in STEM Award is open to women under 30 years of age pursuing studies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. There are 50 awards of $2,500 available for this stream.
  • The Persons Case Scholarship is open to anyone pursuing studies to advance gender equality. There are 40 awards of $2,500 available for this stream.


The application deadline is Feb. 21, 2021.


Wize Scholarship

Here is a link to the Wize website for information and also here is a document to help with applying for the scholarship. Here is a document

The application deadline is April 30, 2021


Ed Stelmach Scholarship

The Ed Stelmach Community Foundation Scholarship: Deadline: May 1, 2021

Created to support graduating high school students in their journey into post-secondary education. Given to students who have demonstrated perseverance through difficult situations, are committed and involved in their community, and who have clearly determined an outline their future goals. Three goals. Three scholarships each consisting of $ 2500. Criteria: Lamont high student, accept at post-secondary, 80% or higher in social studies, 500-word essay and reference from community member.


RICOH Works Scholarship Awards


RICOH wishes to acknowledge deserving students in need of support to pursue their career, education and/or learning goals. Five EIPS students will be selected to receive this $500 award. This scholarship recognizes and supports students who have overcome some level of adversity to graduate from high school and continue their learning. Students who demonstrate a strong work ethic, optimism, resilience, knowledge and success in their pursuit to achieve their Alberta High School Diploma or Alberta High School Certificate of Achievement may be nominated. 


For information on how to apply and submission requirements please see the how to apply document. If you require any further information please contact Kristin Oleksyn, Career Pathways Consultant. Nomination deadline is April 16, 2021.


Kevin Gaetz Award


One student from each high school will be awarded up to $2,956.25 from the Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) for the Kevin Gaetz Award; recognizing and supporting students in their pursuit of post-secondary education. This award will be given to a student who:

  • meets the entrance requirements for the program of post-secondary studies to be supported; and
  • has a financial need that would restrict the Student’s ability to pursue such post-secondary studies; together with:
  • a perseverance and commitment to post-secondary education, which may also be described as desire and determination to pursue further learning in an area of interest.


Each school (counsellor and administration) may nominate one student to receive this award. For more information on how to apply or submission requirements, please contact Kristin Oleksyn, Career Pathways Consultant. Nomination deadline is April 16, 2021