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Diploma Exam Results, myPass, Alexander Rutherford Scholarships

Diploma Exams

Just a reminder, students can retrieve their Diploma Exam result statements through myPass—a self‑service website for high school students. 

In addition, students can us myPass to:

  • order transcripts
  • view and print diploma exam result statements
  • view progress towards a credential (diploma or certificate)
  • view student personal information
  • view and print detailed academic reports (DAR)
  • order additional copies of a credential
  • register for a diploma exam

To login, simply go to, set up an Education Account; and enter your Alberta student number and date of birth. You will then be sent an email with an URL and a physical letter with a four-digit PIN that you can use to sign in regularly. For more information, visit


Alexander Rutherford Scholarships

Student Aid Alberta is making applying for the Alexander Rutherford High School Achievement Scholarship easier by implementing a new online application process, and so you need to be aware of the following:

  • The application for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship is available online at
  • Apply online anytime - once you have been accepted by your preferred post-secondary institution.



Diploma Exam result statements are available through myPass

Students access their diploma exam results through myPass - a self-service website for high school students. Result statements for Diploma Exams are available exclusively online using myPass.

myPass enables high school students to:

  • access their Results Statement;
  • view their demographic information;
  • view their Detailed Academic Report (DAR);
  • register to write a diploma or certificate; and
  • order and pay for a transcript.

For more information visit

Enjoy a safe and fun-filled summer break!

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