Second Languages

Second Languages


The goals of French as a Second Language (FSL) 9 year program are to develop students’ communication skills, linguistic competence and appreciation of French culture in Alberta, Canada and around the World. Being able to use and understand French is an important aspect of Canadian life and a global citizenship. A broader range of employment opportunities are available to second language learners.

Through various fields of experience and interests, students will learn to communicate in French:

* to impart and receive information

* to express emotions and perspectives

* to get things done

* to form, maintain and change personal relationships

* to extend their knowledge of the world

* for imaginative purposes and personal enjoyment

Students will develop and use language learning strategies to become proficient and reflective learners of French. Activities and Assessment are designed with 4 domains of communication in mind: LC (listening comprehension), RC (reading comprehension), OP (oral production) and WP (written production).

Students will develop the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to communicate in a variety of real-life contexts. Our overarching goal is to have students become sufficiently competent in French that they can function in the language and culture outside the classroom.