Programs and Activities Offered At Lamont High School


Academically, the school offers a number of programs and courses to meet a wide variety of students needs, including a Knowledge and Employability program (9-12), Career and Technology Studies, and a full and varied complement of core and complimentary/option classes for all grade levels.

Athletics are an important part of the Lamont experience, and there are ample opportunities to participate in both team and individual sports, at the class, intramural, or school team level. Excellent facilities include a large gym, wellness centre, a shared track and assorted playing fields.

Personal Fitness - A program that offers high school students the opportunity to develop skills and sports abilities, personal fitness and conditioning.

Visual Arts - This program offers a selection of art experiences at the junior high level for students to creatively explore their skills and ideas in many varieties of media.

Drama - Drama provides an exciting look at the wonderful world of theatrical performance, in both improvisational and scripted situations.

Wildlife - Students explore the diversity of Albertan & Canadian wildlife, increase awareness of wilderness navigation, outdoor survival, and cooking skills, hunting/game theory, fish/angling theory as well as the knowledge and skills required to stay safe and responsible outdoors.

Student Council - Energetic groups of students who encourage school spirit, organize special activities and generally promote the school to the community.

Knowledge and Employability Program - We offer a selection of Knowledge and Employability courses/programming opportunities to junior high and high school students.

LINKS (Learning - Individual Needs, Knowledge and Skills) Program - LINKS is a special education program designed to meet the needs of students with mild to severe cognitive disabilities and/or physical/medical disabilities who require supervision and assistance in personal care, motor skills, social interaction, communication, leisure, recreation, and other aspects of daily living. The focus of the program is to meet the individual developmental needs of students and to allow them to achieve to their maximum potential for functional living. Instruction is guided by an IPP and builds on individual strengths and needs.

Career and Technology Studies - Offers students the skills and confidence needed to explore career options or enter today's workforce. Students learn and develop work skills in the following areas: Career Transitions, Communication Technology, Construction Fabrication and Technologies, Food Studies, Information Processing and Cosmetology.

Off Campus Education Program - The school and the community combine resources in order to provide opportunities for students to familiarize themselves with the world of work. Two additional areas are the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) and the Green Certificate Farm Program.